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Oh, I should probably mention that I have a lot of fun doing websites! And, yes... I love LEGOS®.

Mathew Janes

Owner | Web Designer

With over 25+ years of sales & marketing experience in the business-to-business, pharmaceutical, casino, automotive markets and being continually ranked in the Top 10 Nationally, I can bring my knowledge to your website.  I see a lot of great looking sites out there… but, they are tombstones that do nothing but reminisce about the company’s past. Those days are over! Time to get real, get authentic and go sell something!


The Sales Garage is located in beautiful Waukee, Iowa. The best suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. So, yeah… it’s Iowa Nice!


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Websites. Sales. Growth.

Websites That Sell With Digital Creativity That Blows Minds

Website Development

Create a digital experience that connects your customers to your brand and shapes the way your company interacts with your customers right from the start!

Digital Marketing

From SEO to Adwords and Social Media, this is where the rubber meets the road for your company's digital front door! Make sure you have the best traction with your customers right from the start.

Content Marketing

Don’t just build a website and let it sit there… Do something with it. Make sure that your content tells your business' story. Be authentic, be real, be you!

Mobile Responsive Redesign

If your current site can't be seen on a mobile device... Ouch! Now is the time to ensure that your website can be seen everywhere!


Is your business ready to start taking payments on your website? Go ahead and Get Started with this, today!

WordPress Expert

From creation to optimization, The Sales Garage can keep your site up-to-date, or even take care of that ``White Screen of Death`` from errors… Take a deep breath, it will be okay!

Happy, Awesome Clients

Oh, and the awesomeness totally comes from them!

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