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 prices each and every website custom. Afterall, you don’t want something that looks like everyone else’s website for yours, do you?


At The Sales Garage, each and every site built is built for what each client is looking for. And, The Sales Garage differs from other web developers in the following ways:

  • The Sales Garage creates websites that become your Top Sales Performer. After all, 60% of the sales process is complete BEFORE a client ever even calls you. Therefore, The Sales Garage ensures that you a putting your business’ best foot forward. After all, this is your business’ “Virtual Front Door!”
  • The Sales Garage’s mission is to teach you how to properly use your website. That means that we don’t create something that is so intentionally difficult and so complex with computer geek language that you could never change something without a coding degree, or (exactly what the web designer wants…) call them to change something. “That’ll be $350.00, thanks!   ..but, that was only 15 minutes of work?!” Sound familiar? This is NOT what The Sales Garage is all about…
  • The Sales Garage prices each and every project custom to what you, our client, is looking for.  Looking for something simple? Sure! Looking for something out of this world? Yep, The Sales Garage can do that, too!