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Mathew Janes

Owner | Web Designer

With over 25+ years of sales & marketing experience in the business-to-business, pharmaceutical, casino, automotive markets and being continually ranked in the Top 10 Nationally, I can bring my knowledge to your website.  I see a lot of great looking sites out there… but, they are tombstones that do nothing but reminisce about the company’s past. Those days are over! Time to get real, get authentic and sell something!
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Abbi Janes

Web Designer

As a graduate of Iowa State University in Communications with a passion for UI/UX Design and Small Business. I bring an understanding of younger generations and how millennials interact with Social Media. I have an eye for design and want to help your website become a statement for your business. Let me help you craft a perfect website that sells your business. It’s time to create your number-one salesperson and your online presence! Are you Ready to Get Started?

Why ?

Here’s the whole reason…

Hi!  Mat Janes, Owner | Web Designer, again. I love small business and have a passion for helping when and where I can.  With 25+ years of sales experience, I should probably start there.

In 2013, of the 3,800 small businesses surveyed by Google Research, 55% of those businesses did not have a website. This is slightly down from 2012, where 58% stated that did not have a website. WOW! So, what about today?

Nearly 74% of small businesses have a website. That’s great, but that still leaves over a quarter of small businesses that do not have a website. And of those businesses who do not have a site, 10% do not have any plans to have one anytime soon. Progress has been made, but

Yeah… So, I probably should disclose something here. I kinda stated that above, but I come from the sales, marketing, and advertising world and love research! With that in mind, Google Research has shown that almost 60% of the sales process is already complete BEFORE the potential buyer even contacts the business!

What does this mean? Potential customers are doing research on your business before they even contact you. Where are they finding this information? The Internet… specifically, Google. 60% of online users say that thanks to online research, they make purchase decisions more quickly now than they did a few years ago!

So, let me break that down for you a little more. 60% of the sales process is complete before a potential client even contacts your business. So if, the average view rate (average number of times a website is seen) of a small business with <50 employees is around 34 views per week and multiply that by 52 weeks in a year. That is potentially 1,836 views in a year missed by your business and most likely given to your competition due to them having a website! Or in other words, you missed out interacting with just over 1,800 potential customers. HUH?! How does that make sense for your business?

And, yes taking it one step further… If you do have a website, you have spent less than 20% of your budget on your website, on what could be potentially your best and most effective salesperson. Or, what if you spent a bunch on your website to have a presence, but, you haven’t touched that website in… wait, I don’t even know when. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, your best salesperson has become stale and boring. WHY?!

That’s why The Sales Garage is here. I want to teach you why it is so important to treat your potential best salesperson like you should with the best tools that I use every day for my clients! Why would I do this? Back to my passion… I truly want to help your small business succeed!

If you made it this far…  Thanks!  And, now its time to Get Started with The Sales Garage!

Mathew Janes
Owner | Web Designer
The Sales Garage

Quick Stats Dashboard

Here are the numbers… Vroom!

of Small Businesses have a website.
of Small Business listings are INACCURATE!
of Small Business have no idea how to fix their INACCURATE listings!
of the SALES PROCESS is complete BEFORE the customer contact your business!

So, um… Why is it called ?

Yeah, strange name…  But, great purpose!

Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere.  Right?


It seems that a garage is a great place to start a business.  And, I’m not alone in my thinking.


Throughout time, there have been some seriously large companies that have started out of a garage.  Unless you were living under a rock for the last 50 or so years, you might see some recognizable names listed to the right.


Therefore, The Sales Garage wants to give you the tools needed to become the next Disney, or Apple no matter how big, or small you are!

Current Revenue $229.2 Billion
1976, two kids in their twenties were pumping out 50 computers from the garage for $500 each.
Current Revenue $136 Billion
Jeff Bezos sold his first book in 1995, he went IPO two years later!
Current Revenue $109.56 Billion
Google had the exciting opportunity to sell itself to Excite for $1 Million, Excite rejected the offer…
Current Revenue $89.95 Billion
Having come from a garage, Microsoft never lost touch with “The Garage” with their Microsoft Garage, a place where employees can create whatever they have passion about even if it has no connection with their primary job!  Take a look!
Current Revenue $55.14 Billion
The house belonged to Disney’s uncle, Disney and his brother used the garage out back to start on Alice in Wonderland…