Audiomatrix, Inc.

Website Redesign

The Sales Garage is experts in website redesign work. It completely ties in with our philosophy of updating your site to make it the most valuable salesperson that you have!

Website Redesign
About This Project

Audiomatrix, Inc., Cheyenne, WY, is another perfect example of the reason behind The Sales Garage.  When Audiomatrix, Inc. contacted The Sales Garage they already had a website for their business that they had purchased from another developer.  But, this was a little while ago and some of the information on the page was incorrect.  Well, they didn’t even sell some of those products any longer! But, the web developer wanted to charge them almost the cost of a new site to simply remove information. Not cool! So, not only did The Sales Garage remove the old content… how about added content and ensuring that the content there was fully SEO material and helped grow Audiomatrix, Inc. instead of making them stuck with incorrect content. Sorry, we get a bit frustrated in telling this story since it happens so many times. But, no longer with The Sales Garage! Thanks, Audiomatrix, Inc. for making the RIGHT choice!  You guys are awesome!